Creative Communication

Creating ways to communicate positive messages of life, hope, and unity through artistic development, musical innovation, consulting, and coaching.

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Cross-Cultural Celebration

Celebrating the diversity of cultures, languages, and ideals that make a city beautiful, and fostering mutual understanding between multiple people groups, based on common values.

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Community Cooperation

Striving to partner with other community leaders, agencies, and charities committed to making a positive impact in the city.  Accomplishing more together than alone.

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Since 1993

Mission and Values

Motto:  Changing a City One Connection at a Time

Mission Statement:  The City Initiative aims to be a catalyst for positive impact in Orlando, through Creative communication, Cross-Cultural celebration, Community cooperation


  • Student programs encouraging cross-cultural understanding and cooperation through creativity.
  • Community events promoting care for its residents, and unity in diversity.
  • Recognizing good-will organizations that promote positivity, through serving.
Orlando, Florida, USA downtown cityscape over the highway.

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