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Our Approach

Our City

Metro Orlando is a vibrant area of over 2 Million residents in multiple cities, four counties, and numerous communities.  Known for its world-class tourist attractions, the area is also a leader in entertainment, conventions, banking, medical care, universities, sports, and much more.  The remarkable people that make this thriving region prosperous consist of dozens of language groups, races, cultures, and faiths.  Metro Orlando is an area that celebrates diversity, and strives to make every voice count.  We are proud to be serving the City Beautiful.

Our Story

Our Story

Most people around the world know Orlando for the best names in family entertainment.  But few would be aware of the many challenges of the area, including human trafficking, family homelessness, childhood education, wage disparity, and racial equality.  Many agencies and organizations are committed to help our local leaders face these challenges.  The City Initiative was created as a civil arm of a local faith-based organization to find creative ways of tackling these challenges through meaningful connections with like-minded agencies. We desired to connect with local performers, production companies, creative minds, business leaders, and benefactors to build a culturally diverse force for good in Metro Orlando.

Meet the Founder

Sammy Pawlak is a professional musician, author, motivational speaker, and pastor.  He has conducted musical workshops, corporate seminars, and concerts in over 30 countries, and has served in his favorite city Orlando for over 16 years.  Sammy is married 23 years, and the father of two daughters.

Sammy Pawlak

Sammy Pawlak

Founder & President

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